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The environment is more polluted due to car and motorcycle exhaust fumes.  Also, car and motorcycle are causing more serious traffic jams everywhere especially big cities. Therefore, a modern sport cycle  is a perfect alternative. We cannot ignore its convenience and advantages such as, economizing; good for your health…This is the reason for the establishment of cheltbmx– a favorite brand of cycle lovers.

Cheltbmx was founded in 2005 with the target on supporting the publics and customer and put ourselves in other shoes. We always commit to bring the best services and products to our partners and customers. Currently, Cheltbmx has 20 offices and factories in all over the world including USA, Spain, UK, Australia, and Canada and we are expanding to Asia market in where the population is over half of the total world population especially China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam…which are merging market for cycle demand.

Now, Cheltbmx is manufacturing wide range of cycles with diversified styles from fashionable cycle, children cycle to sport and mountain cycle.

  • Mountain cycle (mountain bicycle) is a cycle designed for off-road trip. This cycle is similar with others, but it is more durable, powerful brakes and heavy duty wheels which can performance in rough terrain.
  • Fashionable cycle is used for stylish cyclists or can be used in events advertising.

Besides, we are manufacturing cycle-related accessories such as, helmets, clothes and replacements.