Now, as mentioned above CHELTBMX are cooperating with many travel agencies in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and especially in Vietnam where are endowed with imposing mountainous areas. They offer bike tour in these regions where demand a durable sport bicycles and we are the first suppliers who can meet their requirements. For instance, in Vietnam some companies offer bike tours to Mai Chau valley where tourists will ride along the mountain bottoms passing beautiful rice fields of ethnic minorities. Vietnam Original Travel is the first Vietnam Travel Agency ( who signed contract with us for this service as well as they are the leader for this type of tour. Every year, they open many tours from the North to South. Our durable and fashionable bicycles travel with company clients to every place all around country.


operates as registered- Ensure and responsible for our product quality and services in accordance with governmental regulations.- Commit for business ethnics and contribute to sustainable economic development, improve the life living of staff and local community and society.- Every year, we make thousands new jobs to the local where we invest in. – CHELTBMX know that environment standard is the most important requirement before investing in any countries. Therefore, every year CHELTBMX spends large amount money on waste and fumes filtration system which will bring a better environment to the locals.

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